M Bar C Construction completes a 487-kilowatt solar parking garage, providing Palomar College with solar energy resources for sustainability goals.

Located only five miles from the West Coast M Bar C Construction Campus, Palomar College has taken impressive bounds towards its commitment to sustainability. With the addition of a garage solar carport, Palomar College has become one of the most recognized sustainability-driven colleges in the nation. M Bar C Construction and Compass Energy Solutions co-developed the installation of a 487-kilowatt parking garage solar carport on the San Marcos Palomar Campus. In partnership with previously installed solar solutions, Palomar College is nearing its goal of 1 megawatt of solar capacity.

M Bar C Construction provided engineering, procurement and construction services, creating a turnkey solution for the project. M Bar C installation and Renewables Division team members partnered in the intricacies of this structure, fulfilling client solar expectations as well as structural requirements. This 487 kW structure is made up of, 1,235 top of the line, SunPower 395 watt panels. These panels span across 8 part solar carport atop of a previously existing campus parking garage.

Palomar College

The implementation of solar at the San Marcos campus has invoked national attention. Since the installation of these projects, the southern Californian college has been recognized with several sustainability-focused awards and accolades. Superintendent/President Dr. Joi Lin Blake shared:

“As one of the largest institutions in North County, Palomar is leading the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by implementing strategic upgrades that are better for the college, and ultimately better for the environment,”

Established in 1946, Palomar College is responsible for the enrollment of approximately 30,000 part-time and full-time college students. The two-year college provides superior yet affordable education for students that can choose from over 200 associate degree and certification programs. The implementation of these solar structures will feed the energy consumption of the campus. Additionally, these structures provide additional lighting, creating a safer environment for their students.

Palomar College is providing a powerful example of a national movement towards sustainable energy. Dr. Joi Lin Blake elaborated on Palomar’s drive towards sustainability:

“At Palomar College, we’re always looking for ways to make our campus more efficient and sustainable…The success of our latest project has proven that a community college can help lead the way.”